Professional Requirements

In order to become a professional Shiatsu therapist, it is advisable to be registered with the principle professional Shiatsu body, the Shiatsu Society UK

First year students on Ki Kai courses are encouraged to become members of the Shiatsu Society and have free membership for their first year as an incentive. The advantages of Membership of the Shiatsu Society UK is that it provides support for beginners, advanced students and teachers of Shiatsu and enables reduced insurance cover for Shiatsu Society members with Balens Ltd.

In order to work on members of the public even as a student you are legally required to be insured. Although by the time you complete your first year you should be more than proficient in providing treatments for friends and family we strongly recommend that you are insured in accordance with the law and the Shiatsu Society (UK) Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics. This is as much for the good of your clients as your own well being.

Indeed, we encourage you to be┬ámindful of your professional responsibilities as a practitioner or trainee therapist, as the way you practise reflects not only you but on Shiatsu as a profession and that is how you will be seen – so due reflection on how you behave and present yourself is not to be under-estimated.