Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology

In order to complete both the Certificate and the Diploma in Movement Shiatsu, students must be proficient in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (AP & P). The Shiatsu Society UK baseline syllabus specifies that students must study a minimum of 60 hours Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (AP & P), on a certificated course that is at NVQ level 3 or higher.

Students at Ki Kai come from many different backgrounds and some may have already studied AP & P to the level required by the Shiatsu Society UK, If this is the case you will be required to present your Level 3 AP & P Certificate as proof of attendance and passing in order to pass your Certificate and Diploma in Shiatsu and Movement Shiatsu.

Ki Kai provides some AP & P teaching and learning aids and resources on the school Moodle virtual learning environment in order to supplement the on-line certificated Level 3 AP & P Course that we recommend that is provided by Shiatsu College. This is a well resourced course that is much better than many AP & P Level 3 Courses that abound in the market place because it is designed specifically for shiatsu and other body work trainee therapists.

We recommend that students who plan to start either the first year Certificate or the second or third year Diploma in Shiatsu and Movement Shiatsu but who have not already completed a Level 3 AP & P Course do so as soon as possible, ideally in their first (Certificate) year. This enables students to complete the Shiatsu Society Learning Outcomes in AP & P for both Certificate (Yr 1) and Diploma (Yrs 2 & 3) levels simultaneously.

The additional advantage in completing the AP & P course requirements as soon as possible is that it increases your knowledge and awareness of the subject and will boost your confidence as you become more familiar through use of the AP & P terminology, body systems and the capacity to describe movement with greater accuracy. Similarly this is useful in initial assessment of clients when taking case histories and appraising the suitability of clients for shiatsu in conjunction with your self-awareness of your capacity and limitation to treat clients with more complex health issues.