Books and Equipment

Set Books

[Book] Shiatsu Theory and Practice Carola Beresford-Cooke. 3rd edition (2012), Churchill Livingston Elsevere. ISBN 978-0-7020-063-9.
This is required for the Diploma in Shiatsu and is useful for those studying the Certificate in Shiatsu. The third edition comes with a DVD but is not required. Second hand copies of the second edition can be found quite cheaply. No other books are required, as teaching material is provided on the Ki Kai Virtual Shiatsu School web site. However other books may prove useful:

[Book] The Tiger in the Grove Bill Palmer. (2012)

Shiatsu Resources

[Book] Zen Shiatsu – How to Harmonise Yin and Yang for Better Health by Shizuto Massunaga with Wataru Ohashi. 1st Edition (1977), Japan Publications Inc. ISBN 0-87040-394-X
[Book] Shiatsu The Complete Guide by Chris Jarmey and Gabriel Mojay. Revised edition (1999), Thorsons. ISBN 978-0-7225-3914-9
[Book] The Extended Meridians of Zen Shiatsu – A Guidebook and Colouring Book Elaine Leichti and Vicky Smith. 1st Edition (2017) Singing Dragon
[Book] Oceans of Streams. Zen Shiatsu Meridians, Tsubos and Theoretical Impressions Veet Allan. Revised 2nd Edition (2007) Omki. ISBN 978-0-9523976-2-5
[Book] ZEN Imagery Exercises. Meridian Exercises for Wholesome Living Shizuto Masunaga. 1st Edition (1987) Japan Publications, Inc. ISBN 0-87040-696-8

Classical Chinese Medicine Resources

[Book] The Acupuncture Points Functions Colouring Book Rainy Hutchinson. 1st Edition (2015), Singing Dragon. ISBN 978-1-84819-266-9
[Book] Chinese Medicine The Web that has no Weaver Ted J. Kaptchuk. Revised Edition (2000), Rider. ISBN 978-0-7126-0281-5
[Book] Between Heaven and Earth – A Guide to Chinese Medicine Harriet Beinfield and Efram Korngold. 1st Edition (1991), Balentine Books. ISBN 0-345-37974-8
[App] The Meridian 2.0, Verde Root.

Anatomy & Physiology Resources

[Book] An introductory guide to Anatomy and Physiology by Louise Tucker. 5th edition (2015), EMS Publishing. ISBN 978-1-90334-834-5
[Book] Holistic Anatomy – an integrative guide to the human body bi Pip Waller. 1st Edition (2010), North Atlantic Books. ISBN 978-1-55643-865-3
[Book] The Endless Web – Fascial Anatomy and Physical Reality R.Louise Schultz and Rosemary Feitis. 1st Edition (1996), North Atlantic Books. ISBN 978-1-55643-228-6
[Book] The Concise Book of Muscles Chris Jarmey and John Sharkey. 3rd Edition (2015) Lotus Publishing. ISBN 978-1-905367-62-7
[Book] Trail Guide to the Body Andrew Biel. 5th Edition (2014), Books of Discovery. ISBN 978-0-9829786-5-8


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