Inner Qigong

14th June 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Ki Kai Shiatsu School
Liverpool Road Community Centre
Laycock Street
N1 1LP
Bill Commerford

Inner Qigong Class at Ki Kai Shiatsu School, Liverpool Road Community Centre, Laycock Street, N1 1LP lead by Bill Commerford & Jonathan Clifford

This is an opportunity to explore self-relationship through sensation, breath, visualisation, stillness and integrated movement:

Inner qigong enables a deeper sense of awareness in attunement of how we feel in being still, or moving according to our needs in that moment. We’ll explore how to align our attention and aim effectively by adjusting our breathing to improve our sense of being, through a series of exercises that develop our posture, coordination and sense of well being through simple towards more sophisticated forms of movement.

Based on Central Channel Qigong, a form developed over a thousand years ago, Inner Qigong also enables us to focus on our internal organs: our sense of core being and the classical meridian pathways, which can be seen as archetypes of developmental movement. Inner Qigong complements Movement Shiatsu as it facilitates active involvement in health and well being for anyone including therapists and their clients.

All levels of mobility welcome – no previous experience required. Please wear loose fitting clothing and if you have a yoga mat, please bring it.

This class is one of a series running in 2018-19

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