Intro Workshops

5th September 2020 @ 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Liverpool Road Community Centre
Laycock Street N1 1LP
Bill Commerford

This third workshop is an Intro to the 3rd Family Secondary Fire & Wood Organs & Meridians of the Shao Yang (Triple Heater & Gall Bladder) and Jue Yin (Heart Protector and Liver)Themes that we’ll explore include working with Conflict & Integration in Movement.

For anyone considering starting, or joining the Ki Kai Certificate or Diploma in Shiatsu and Movement Shiatsu or the Completion Year for those who have studied at least two years of shiatsu but who wish to complete their third year assignments.

Each workshop is self-contained and gives you the opportunity to experience key aspects of Movement Shiatsu, the Six Forms of Touch and Inner Qigong, which are the basis of our courses. You’ll be able to meet Ki Kai tutors and see for yourself if our informal style of teaching in a friendly and supportive learning environment is for you.

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