Workshops and Residential Courses

As well as the professional training courses, Ki Kai Shiatsu School runs workshops and residential events. These allow the school to offer personal development and “taster” experiences to the general public, current and former students.

The dates for Additional Workshops in the 2017-2018 academic year are:

18th & 19th November 2017 Shiatsu Techniques for Complementary Therapists Lead by Bill Commerford

Introducing Techniques from Movement Shiatsu & Interactive Bodywork & How to Apply These in Your Own Therapeutic Work.

We’ll explore techniques that can assist you & your clients that are adaptable for Couch, Futon, Swiss / Physio Ball and Massage Chair based treatments, that also address clients’ needs with their active cooperation. Work with subtle techniques that are energetically efficient and effective, so that you are less likely to tire, or become injured. These workshops are open to all, as well as complementary therapists.


27th & 28th January 2018 Integrating Touch, Technique & Client Centred Approaches Lead by Bill Commerford

Giving our clients what they seek and how best to meet their needs is essential in Movement Shiatsu. How we select appropriate techniques is often enhanced if we can enable and encourage a client’s own sense of agency and autonomy in the treatment. Often we can achieve this by assisting the client through explorations using movement, bodywork and simple exercises involving feedback. We’ll also look at aspects of the Six Forms of Touch and how this can assist the focus of the therapist: how we treat and the very way we work with touch can involve clients to a greater extent in their own treatment and assist them in their understanding of themselves and their healing process. This workshop will be useful to anyone wishing to bring a new awareness in the way they work with clients, whether student or experienced practitioner.


21st & 22nd April 2018 Introduction & Review of Movement Shiatsu, Inner Qigong & Six Forms of Touch Lead by Bill Commerford & Jonathan Clifford

Movement Shiatsu is client centred and interactive. It is ideally suited to treating clients who wish to work on chronic patterns and this workshop looks at ways in which we can enable clients by working with what is relevant to the client now, rather than how they ought to be. Inner Qigong is an exploration of integrating movement and breath, which enables us to be present, as it develops our sense of embodiment and self-exploration. We will explore how we can integrate Inner Qigong as a valuable tool alongside Movement Shiatsu in order to enable our clients to engage with the work. We will also see how a heightened awareness of touch in how we work with clients can bring new insights for both client and therapist. This workshop is a synthesis of the work of Bill Palmer and is designed as both a taster for newcomers interested in Ki Kai’s 2018-19 Certificate & Diploma in Movement Shiatsu and for others looking to re-acquaint themselves with Bill Palmer’s work.