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2018-19 Programme of Weekend Workshops of Movement Shiatsu, Six Forms of Touch & Inner Qigong:
Applying Principles & Techniques of Practical Movement Shiatsu, Six Forms of Touch & Inner Qigong in Client Work , lead by Bill Commerford & Jonathan Clifford
These weekends will explore creative and effective ways of working, that are easily accessible for clients, so that they can benefit from treatments that can assist self-confidence and a sense of autonomy. Workshops will include:
  • Developing your skills with clients to tailor treatments to their needs
  • Techniques to enhance your communication skills that will enable clients to participate more actively in treatments
  • How to enhance your treatments through different types of subtle but focused touch and intention rather than physical effort
  • Making Inner Qigong accessible to clients and how to model this in your treatments so that you can assist clients to experience their own sense of relationship with themselves through breath, stillness and integrated movement.

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Year 1 of a two-year accelerated Weekday training: this Full Shiatsu Professional Practitioner Training Course encompasses both the Certificate and Diploma in Shiatsu. The course is designed for those unable to make weekend training programmes.

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Ki Kai Shiatsu School has taught Shiatsu successfully for over 20 years and aims to:

          1. Offer the highest quality tuition in the skills of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.
          2. Make Shiatsu accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.
          3. Provide an open, co-operative, exploratory and supportive learning environment.
          4. Actively encourage the integration of Shiatsu into organised healthcare and as a serviceĀ in community social health and well-being.

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