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7-8 April 2018: Review of Earth, Fire & Wood Classical Meridians to book with Eventbrite

A two-day weekend workshop in Shiatsu & Movement Shiatsu, suitable for all levels from Beginners to Postgraduate. Ideal for those working to complete Shiatsu Practitioner Training, Professional & Personal Development & General Interest and Designed to Consolidate and Revise Classical Meridians, Points & an Opportunity to Practice Techniques & Exchange Treatments. This is a certificated short course which counts towards Continuing Professional Development CPD and are also designed as a pair of stand alone workshops which are Lead by Bill Commerford.

Day 1 Saturday 7th April 2018: Review of the Earth Yin & Yang Meridians (Spleen & Stomach Respectively) & the Primary Fire Yin & Yang Meridians (Heart & Small Intestine Respectively). The Workshop includes an exploration of:

  • Treating Stomach, Spleen & Heart in supine and sitting positions
  • Treating Small Intestine in prone, side and sitting positions
  • 5 Element Associations of Earth & Fire
  • Exploring the Earth Element and its relationship with grounding & embodiment & Hara

Day 2, Sunday 8th April 2018: Review of the Secondary Fire Yin & Yang Meridians (Heart Protector & Triple Heater Respectively) & the Wood Yin & Yang Meridians (Liver & Gall Bladder Respectively) and Sotai Techniques. The Workshop includes an exploration of:

  • Treating Heart Protector in supine position
  • Treating Triple Heater in sitting and side positions
  • Treating Liver & Gall Bladder in side position
  • 5 Element Associations of Wood
  • Further Sotai (isometric techniques) to improve mobility and range of movement


Other Meridian Weekend Courses

The final weekend in this present series of Short Courses Designed to Consolidate and Revise Classical Meridians, Points & an Opportunity to Practice Techniques & Exchange Treatments is on

7-8 July 2018: A Review of the 12 Paired Classical Meridians lead by Karen Durham to book with Eventbrite

This weekend serves as a great way of revising your knowledge and practical application of treatment techniques of the Classical Meridians  and their positions and inter-relationship and a summary of the landmarks and locations of the principal points (tsubos).

Weekend Workshops of Movement Shiatsu, Six Forms of Touch & Inner Qigong:

Saturday & Sunday 12-13 May 2018: Review of the 3rd Family to book with Eventbrite 

In this weekend workshop lead by Jonathan Clifford, past and present students and practitioners from the Movement Shiatsu and Inner Qigong Community are invited to share their skills and will have opportunity to practice and exchange treatments and techniques. We will explore aspects of the Jue Yin of the Liver & Heart Protector & the Shao Yang of the Triple Heater & Gall Bladder – this will include:

  • Practical techniques and further exploration of Mediating  Touch & Embracing Touch;
  • Five Elements: Secondary Fire of Heart Protector & Triple Heater & Wood of Gall Bladder & Liver
  • An Exploration of how the 3rd Family relates to Birth, Growth, Vision, Co-ordination & Relationship
  • Spiral Movement
Saturday & Sunday 9-10 June 2018:  Applying Principles & Techniques of Practical Movement Shiatsu, Six Forms of Touch & Inner Qigong in Client Work , lead by Bill Commerford to book with Eventbrite
This weekend will explore creative and effective ways of working, that are easily accessible for clients, so that they can benefit from treatments that can assist self-confidence and a sense of autonomy. The workshop will include:  
  • Developing your skills with clients to tailor treatments to their needs
  • Techniques to enhance your communication skills that will enable clients to participate more actively in treatments
  • How to enhance your treatments through different types of subtle but focused touch and intention rather than physical effort
  • Making Inner Qigong accessible to clients and how to model this in your treatments so that you can assist clients to experience their own sense of relationship with themselves through breath, stillness and integrated movement.
Coming Soon in Spring 2018

Year 1 of a two-year accelerated Weekday training: this Full Shiatsu Professional Practitioner Training Course encompasses both the Certificate and Diploma in Shiatsu. The course is designed for those unable to make weekend training programmes.

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Ki Kai Shiatsu School has taught Shiatsu successfully for over 20 years and aims to:

          1. Offer the highest quality tuition in the skills of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.
          2. Make Shiatsu accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.
          3. Provide an open, co-operative, exploratory and supportive learning environment.
          4. Actively encourage the integration of Shiatsu into organised healthcare and as a service in community social health and well-being.

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