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Practical Shiatsu: 16-17 December 2017 Practical Shiatsu – to book with Eventbrite

Weekend 1 of a 4 Weekend Course is Designed to Consolidate and Revise Classical Meridians, Points & an Opportunity to Practice Techniques & Exchange Treatments. This isĀ  a certificated course which counts towards Continuing Professional Development CPD.

  • Weekend 1 on 16-17 December 2017 Metal, Earth, Water & Primary Fire
  • Weekend 2 on 17-18 February 2018 Water, Secondary Fire, Wood & Sotai
  • Weekend 3 on 7-8 April 2018 Wood, Fire & Earth
  • Weekend 4 on 16-17 June & 7-8 July 2018 All 12 Paired Classical Meridians

Day 1 Saturday: Review of Classical Metal & Earth Meridians lead by Karen Durham. We will look at:

  • Treating Classical Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach and Spleen in sitting and supine positions
  • Techniques and aspects of good style which provide appropriate support and quality of contact

Day 2 Sunday: Review of Classical Primary Fire & Water Meridians lead by Bill Commerford. We’ll explore:

  • Treating Classical Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder and Kidney in supine, side and prone positions
  • Ampuku for self-treatment and treating others
  • Qigong that develops awareness and connection with Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder and Kidney
  • Review qualities of touch that bring awareness to your treatment

This is also Weekend 3 of the Certificate in Shiatsu and Movement Shiatsu.


Coming Soon in Spring 2018

Year 1 of a two-year accelerated Weekday training: this Full Shiatsu Professional Practitioner Training Course encompasses both the Certificate and Diploma in Shiatsu. The course is designed for those unable to make weekend training programmes.

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Ki Kai Shiatsu School has taught Shiatsu successfully for over 20 years and aims to:

          1. Offer the highest quality tuition in the skills of Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine.
          2. Make Shiatsu accessible to as wide a range of people as possible.
          3. Provide an open, co-operative, exploratory and supportive learning environment.
          4. Actively encourage the integration of Shiatsu into organised healthcare and as a serviceĀ in community social health and well-being.

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